Welcome to Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County IAFF 3852
Welcome - FRPAC

New Letter from the President

General Policy Committee 4-13-17 - Apr 13th, 2017

City of Gainesville Discusses expansion and ACFR.

Contract Negotiations Forum

Alachua County BoCC discusses raises and compensation

If you scroll to 1hr and 38 minutes you can view President Sandlin's comments on the Evergreen Pay Study.

Union Store

Items may be purchased online or at the Union Hall.

Union Calendar

New "Google" Union calendar has been added to the website under the "Members" section. Users of Google Calendar can now share the union calendar

Retiree Dues Payments

Retirees Online Dues Payments

Workers Compensation and Presumptive Illness Presentation

The Florida Professional Firefighters and The Law Offices of Bichler, Oliver, Longo & Fox have put together a presentation on Workers Compensation and Presumptive Illness laws as they pertain to the Fire Service. Click this link to view the presentation.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Click this link to view the current CBA's

Benefits Request Form

A New Benefits Request Form has been added to the website. It can be found under the Benefits section or at the link below.

Firefighter Bill of Rights

Information Updated including new Grievance Request Form!!!

Cancer - The Game Changer

D/O Online Training

A training opportunity created to assist candidates with learning the ACFR Rule of Thumb chart.
This course has been created and posted on www.Qstream.com entitled "Alachua County Fire Rescue Rule Of Thumb".
The course will email you questions on a regular basis and keep track of your progress.
Email Kevin Rulapaugh if you have any questions or suggestions.

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