Join us in offering Brother Cody Loomis Congratulations on winning the office of Second Vice President. 2nd VP Loomis will be assuming the responsibilities of office immediately. Please direct all questions and comments to:

Cody Loomis

(920) 689-3852

[email protected]

We have had 56  members vote so far. Remember tomorrow is the last day to vote!

ACFR Family,

Please see the attached invitation for the Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County Christmas Party. We hope you can join us for a wonderful family friendly event!

Also, if you haven’t purchased raffle tickets for Operation Spread the Joy, please do so. Below is a word from Brother Isaiah Mortimer

Brothers and Sisters,

This Year I have started a program with the support of the FRPAC Charities entitled Operation Spread the Joy. The purpose of this endeavor is to provide Christmas toys to children that have been identified in the rural areas of Alachua County that may not otherwise not have a Christmas. A raffle has been started to support the purchasing of the toys and the prizes are as follows:

First Place: A Cairns/MSA 1044FS Traditional Helmet with Leather Front.
Ordered to employee specifications
Second Place: Globe Footwear Structural Supreme Leather Bunker Boots
Ordered to employee specifications
Third Place: Helmet Accessory Pack

Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25

Please see Isaiah Mortimer (St. 82 C-Shift), Tyler Mial (St. 24 B-Shift), or Karem Scott-Kotb (HQ) for purchase of raffle tickets.

Operation Spread the Joy is also selling coupons for 1 dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts. They are $8 each. Please see Isaiah Mortimer for these.

Robert A. Sullivan, #403
C-Shift, Engine 25
Alachua County Fire-Rescue

Good afternoon,
This is the final list of names that will appear on the ballot for 2nd Vice President.

Cody Loomis
Alex Porgesz
Matthew Johnson

Elections are to be held at the union hall on Wednesday 12/5, Thursday 12/6 and Friday 12/7, all days being from 0700-1000. No sooner, no later. At the conclusion of the vote on Friday, votes shall be counted and the winner will be announced in the union meeting which shall begin at 1000.

Please feel free to contact me or any Eboard member with any questions.

Also, if you are unsure of who a candidate is that is running, feel free to email them or call them and ask questions about what their intentions are.

Emails are as follows:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Hailey Monismith
Elections Supervisor
Local 3852
Fire Rescue Professionals
of Alachua County

FRPACC Fundraiser is at Fluid Lounge on 12/06 beginning at 1800 and runs until 2100. We are being sponsored by STOLEN Whiskey. 50% of the sales from STOLEN Whiskey, Old Fashions, Whiskey Sours and Single Mixers go directly to the charity. Merchandise will be available for purchase.

Also on 12/06 at Fluid Lounge, Brandon and Amanda Overstreet would love for you to join them for a diaper party. Brandon and Amanda are soon going to be welcoming baby Garrett into the world. Diapers of all sizes are welcome.
Last of all, nominations for 2nd Vice President are still open until Sunday at 1300. At this time, Alex Porgesz and Cody Loomis are the only two whom have been nominated and accepted their nominations. If you would like to nominate someone for this position, please email [email protected] with your nomination.
At this time, elections for this position are scheduled to be held December 5th, 6th and 7th,  0700-1000 each morning. Voting will not take place any earlier nor any later than the scheduled time. At the conclusion of the vote, a count will be conducted and the results will be announced at the union meeting, which will be on December 7th at 1000, following the closing of the elections.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any member of the E-board.
Hailey Monismith
Elections Supervisor
Events Coordinator
Local 3852
Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County


Brothers and Sisters,

     I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for my recent election as your President of Local 3852.  This is truly an honor and I will do my best to continue making this a fantastic Local.  First thing, a big thank you to President Emeritus Sandlin.  Brett was President for our Local from March 2009 until November 2018 and led us through some truly difficult times.  During that time we successfully made it through the Great Recession with only one layoff and one employee recalled.  We also successfully won a grievance arbitration and a contract impasse.  Thank you so much Brett for your guidance and leadership!
     I wanted to take a minute to give a quick State of the Union.  We are meeting with the County every two weeks to discuss the idea for a new pay-plan.  Mrs. Lieberman is extremely receptive to this and things are going very well.  I am optimistic that we will see some great changes to our pay-plan in the next 18 months. Some of these changes will be big ticket budget items that may have to be phased in over several years, so please be patient and pay attention to your emails.
     Speaking of emails, The Union has migrated to the new Google Suite system.  What this means is we will have more effective email and security.  Please look over Vice President Jonas’ email on how to setup your new account.  UNION EMAIL WILL NO LONGER BE SENT TO YOUR COUNTY EMAIL.
     Also, Vice President Jonas and Secretary Richardson have been working hard on our new website.  The website is up and running, but there are still a few kinks.  Please don;t hesitate to ask Josh or Jon if you are having any issues.
     Finally, it is the Holidays!  I know all of us are looking forward to spending time with our friends and family.  I hope you can make it to our Union Christmas party being held December 16, 2018 at the Depot park Event Space.  Catering is being provided by Stubbies Pop-Up Sausages and will be family friendly.  Libations will be available next door in the boxcar if you so desire.  There will also be free entertainment as it is Reggae Sunday.  Depot Park will be open for the children to run and play.  Please put this on your calendars.  Also, Brother Isaiah Mortimer has been working with a team of folks for Operation Spread the Joy.  Raffle tickets our being sold and will be drawn at the Christmas Party for a traditional helmet, a pair of Globe boots, and a helmet accessory pack.  Thank you to all who have been helping Brother Mortimer with this project!  This is going to let our charity give several families a wonderful Christmas!
    Thank you so much for trusting me to be your President.  I am always available to talk.  My phone number is below, and please if I don’t get back to you right away, keep trying!  I want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!  Remember, In Union There Is Strength!!!!
Robert Sullivan
Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County