Union Christmas Party Invitation and Operation Spread the Joy


ACFR Family,

Please see the attached invitation for the Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County Christmas Party. We hope you can join us for a wonderful family friendly event!

Also, if you haven’t purchased raffle tickets for Operation Spread the Joy, please do so. Below is a word from Brother Isaiah Mortimer

Brothers and Sisters,

This Year I have started a program with the support of the FRPAC Charities entitled Operation Spread the Joy. The purpose of this endeavor is to provide Christmas toys to children that have been identified in the rural areas of Alachua County that may not otherwise not have a Christmas. A raffle has been started to support the purchasing of the toys and the prizes are as follows:

First Place: A Cairns/MSA 1044FS Traditional Helmet with Leather Front.
Ordered to employee specifications
Second Place: Globe Footwear Structural Supreme Leather Bunker Boots
Ordered to employee specifications
Third Place: Helmet Accessory Pack

Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25

Please see Isaiah Mortimer (St. 82 C-Shift), Tyler Mial (St. 24 B-Shift), or Karem Scott-Kotb (HQ) for purchase of raffle tickets.

Operation Spread the Joy is also selling coupons for 1 dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts. They are $8 each. Please see Isaiah Mortimer for these.

Robert A. Sullivan, #403
C-Shift, Engine 25
Alachua County Fire-Rescue